Letters of Recommendation

for John Barradale

From Andrew J. Treinis,

Executive Vice President

CD/Law, Inc.

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter serves as both a commendation and recommendation for the
excellent performance that John Barradale has given to my corporation.
He has demonstrated a high sense of dedication, integrity, and professionalism
during his tenure at CD/LAW.

As Senior Technical Support Manager, he has performed a wide variety
of computer related tasks as well as direct client interface. John is a
self-starter and requires little guidance or supervision.

John's technical skills were clearly demonstrated by his management
of our database, quality control over our product, hardware and software
technical support, network administration, and customer training.

Our client base includes judges in the State Supreme Courts, attorneys,
and corporations of all sizes. He has received numerous commendations from
these clients.

It is a personal pleasure to recommend John, and I know he will be a
valuable professional asset to any organization.


Andrew Treinis

Executive Vice President

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From Professor Ron Tourgee, Ph.D.

Professor of Computer Sciences

Keene State College

February 3, 1995


Hard working and intelligent are two characteristics that immediately
come to mind when I reflect back over the approximate ten years that I
have known John Barradale. I met John when he came to Keene State seeking
a second degree, this time in the area of Computer Science. He possess
a pleasant personality, is easy to get along with and enjoys solving computer
related problems.

John's academic performance in the classes that he took with me was
excellent. He came to class prepared, completed his assignments on time,
and participated in classroom discussions. In short, I believe he received
only A's in the numerous courses he took with me.

Since completing his schooling, occasionally over the years he has stopped
by the office to chat. His knowledge of the personal computer area is outstanding.
He is up to date, is knowledgeable about hardware, and either owns or has
worked with most of the PC-software that is available for the IBM type

I believe John would be a dedicated, hard working addition to any staff
that requires the use of computer skills to accomplish the employment tasks.
I have no reservations in recommending John Barradale highly.

Ron Tourgee, Ph.D.

Professor of Computer Sciences

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From Jacinto Bowks

Network Administrator


Re: Recommendation for John Barradale

John Barradale has been contracted by me for the School Administrative
Unit to work on setup and maintenance of computer workstations in our
school network. His ability to troubleshoot hardware and software
problems has been a great help to us.

During the summer of 1999 he worked in setting up 24 computers in the
classrooms, (including four machines using MS Windows NT Server
software and the rest using MS Windows Workstation system software).
These machines were updated with the current software patches from
Microsoft and set up with MS Office 97 as an applications suite. John
assigned TCP/IP numbers and fully tested them on the Network prior to
placement in the classrooms.

In the past John has provided excellent service. He has exhibited a
professional attitude and good interpersonal skills. He is also very
competent in explaining in layman's terms complex technology based
solutions for the District.

I've known John for seven years, during which time I've been able to
depend on him for specific projects to improve networks or maintain
individual computer workstations. Currently we do not have a position for a
computer specialist. However, I would highly reccommend John for such a

If I can provide any additional information please contact me by phone at
(603) 357-0002, or through email at JayBowks@poboxes.com.


Jacinto Bowks
Network Administrator