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This is the model. Model of Dornier DO 217 N1

Click on any picture to see a larger view.

Dornier DO 217 Plastic Model

I will scan in the model parts. I will then enlarge them to the proper scale of 1/16 scale. Then I will use the new diagram to modify the plans to create the N2 version in the Radio Control Model. The major difference will be the engine nacelles.

The diagram from a book in 1/72 scale of the DO217 N2 version, just the engine nacelles.

Dornier DO 217 Diagram 1/72 scale

The scan of the SIG Kit plans of the radial engine nacelles.

Dornier DO 217 Diagram 1/72 scale

The modifications needed for the engine nacelles.

Dornier DO 217 Mods

Preliminary drawing of the balsa pieces that may be cut to form the cowl modification. I will start to cut several pices and then begin to fit them together to see how the 2D images comes to life in 3D. I am undecided just how the cowl will be made. I will just have to try until I get it right.

Dornier DO 217 Mods

Here is the engines nacelles with more modifications.

Dornier DO 217 Mods

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